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We organize various activities  - regular yoga exercising, weekend seminars and retreats concerning yoga and healthy lifestyle.
The yoga seminars for Czech students and students from abroad as well used to be conducted by Roop Verma, experienced yoga teacher .  The students can experience healing  effect of meditations and Indian sacred music designed for this purpose kindly played by Roop Verma himself.
Roop Verma is not only experienced yoga teacher, but also an internationally respected sitarist, composer and accomplished teacher of Indian Classical and Sacred music.  For further information see www.roopverma.com

During Roop ´s recovery after heart surgery some complications came up and his condition is very serious. Roopji has been extremely appreciative and very touched by all the support from students and friends. We continue to send him positive thoughts and prayers…


During Roop´s recovery after heart surgery some comlications came up and his condition is very serious. Roopji has been extremely appreciaative ad very touched by all te support from stunts ad friends. We contnue to sen hm positive thought nd prayers ...









The Kolath breakfast

Ingrediences /for one person/:

2-3 spoons of oat´s flakes or flour of good wheat (fresh milled)
3-5 spoons of water
1-2 spoons of lemon sauce
15 g cut dry fruit
100 g grated apples or another fresh fruit
1 little spoon of nuts or almonds
In the evening mix the flour with water (never milk!), in different bowl put dry fruit to the water and alle of it leave for the following day.
In the morning mix the both bowls together, add one spoon of lemon sauce and fresh fruit. Put grated almonds or nuts on it.

The Kolath breakfast is good for:

- your stomach and digestion
- your weight
- detoxication of your organism
- reduces tiredness and exhaustion
- increase physical and intellectual productivity
- reduce craving for coffee, tobacco, alcohol,...
- better concentration
- stress resistance
- good for your blood, hair, nails, teeth, bones
The preparation is simple without any complication. You can eat the slice of dark bread or light cheese after this meal.